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Super Bowl Commercials

Posted Feb 6, '14 at 6:18am



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[quote=EmperorPalpatine]Doritos (Time Machine)[/quote]

[quote=xXxDAPRO89xXx]What about Cowboy Kid? [/quote]

Y'all will be aware of this (I know Dapro is)? Who is Cowboy Kid? Why is he on our Front Page?

Just keeping our stuff duly cross-linked


Posted Feb 6, '14 at 12:13pm



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all of the commercials kind of sucked this year :/ and apparently, radio shack spent the rest of it's money on it's commercial


Posted Feb 6, '14 at 4:27pm



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I remember the Audi commercial being especially strange, though I can't remember the pretext of it. All I can recall is that it didn't seem like it should have been a car ad before they showed the actual car. A similar situation to the Maserati ad.

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