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Kingdom rush frontiers wont load

Posted Feb 4, '14 at 12:55pm



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i cant load the game, im logged in, but the game ask´s me to log in, already refreshed, tryed an other browser, but nothing ... Please help !


Posted Feb 5, '14 at 1:57am



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Check if you're not blocking something --> here & onwards from there.

Also, check if that's your own username you're logging in as --> here.

If all else fails, there seem to be more questions along these lines right now, so it could be just some glitch going on. Keep an eye here, and try again later.


Posted Feb 5, '14 at 9:20am



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If the game wont load...try to refresh your browser and try to play another game if that game is also not working,make sure that you do not have adblock(adblock can sometime block games with ads) check if you have flash player,if not install it,if yes upgrade it.
Also a computer restart may help.

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