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2014 Winter Olympics

Posted Feb 24, '14 at 2:46am



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i was very impressed with the ending ceremony
they brought back some moments of 1980s olympics when they hosted it and they had some modern elements such as the DJs having a party in the middle of the arena the rest of the night

Yeah that giant bear was cool! There's a part where it has to extinguish the flame and a big tear rolls down it's cheek and then they showed a Russian female athlete crying.
I always feel sad at the closing ceremonies because I know the Winter Olympics won't be back before 4 years. ;(

Posted Feb 24, '14 at 6:52am



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I think the only reason why she fell during the short and long programs was because of the pressure, it was too much for her.

She went from no one knowing who she was to having all of Russia love her after the team competition. I would feel the pressure too. I wish she had landed the freeskate. She was doing so well in it too.
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