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So this story is ALMOST done, ive been working on it for about 3 years now, but i rarely worked on it. So here it is now.


(no research was done for this story)

âCome on Javon move it!â the shout cracked like a whip in the starry night sky. Wow, even the Negros hate me. Well, theyâve always hated me butâ¦. I can see why though, not only did I sell slavery to most of these people but Iâm the first white person to use the Underground Railroad to escape.
Here I am, Luke Javon, a well known slave seller using the methods the slaves I sold to all those people to escape what I sold them too. My life was perfect until what I like to call The Day.

It all started with 10 new people to sell. A wiry old man, a big buff man, 2 women, a fat person, and a family. An average sized father, a fairly strong mother, twin boys, they were strong but thin, and a 4 year old girl, who clung to mother like she was a lifeline.
âOK peopleâ I said liking the steel in my voice.â The bidding starts at 10:30, so I want you clean or else youâll ruin my reputation. All of you will be sold, I canât say if youâll be together or not.âI said eyeing the mother and child. âYou have one hour to get ready so go!â And they all scattered to the caravan where there stuff was stored.

The buff man was the first to be sold. It was a hard fought battle between Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Lots, all the others dropped out at around 20 dollars.
âIâll bid 32 dollars for him there. Mr. Lots stated loudly, raising his eyebrows when Mr. Jenkins opened his mouth.
âYou know Luke; I just got to have him. Iâll put in 35 dollars for him and put in more if it comes to that.â

A gasp fell over the crowd as the words left his lips.

âGoinâ once, goinâ twice sold to Mr. Jenkins for 35 dollars.â

As I walked toward the store that day with over 150 dollars in my pocket I thought about the saber I would buy since a slave took mine when he went on a rampage. Then I heard the shouts coming from down the street.
âHelp!!!" voices rang out as I ran to the burning building,"We need water! Thereâs someone trapped in there!â. Getting to it I realized it was Mrs. Coulchâs house, a good friend of mine. Without thinking I broke the door down to find her. Then I found her lying on the ground a piece of wood stuck in her stomach.
âLuke, please end my pain.â She said as I reached her.âPlease I canât survive much longer.â Mrs. Coulch moaned pulling my pistol out and putting it in my hand.âShoot me now.â
I ended her quickly, then pulled the piece of wood out of her stomach and carried her body outside where I was met by the mayor.
âYou killed a citizen of this peaceful town.â He said loudly, &quotrepare to face the punishment, slavery.â
I drop to my knees in horror as the words hit my ears. âBut, but, she wanted me to kill her! She said she couldnât survive anyways. She pulled out my pistol and put in my hand!â
âWell, it seems that it was going to die anyway, huh?â The mayor retorted sarcastically. âWell if she said that she was going to die, couldnât you have brought her out to prove before you killed her?â
I hung my head as I realized that I was that stupid to not bring her outside before died, or rather apparently before I killed her.
âNow are you ready to take up your punishment of slavery?â The mayor claims with cheers coming from my enemies and boos from friends and regulars at the slave sales.
Numbly I nod and let the police haul up and push me toward the jail.
I was sitting in my jail cell yelling at the police to let me out. After a while they just walked out a stood guard at the door of the jail. Now I was pacing. After 3 hours of sitting in a confined space my nerves did get really fidgety. Finally I hear a voice other than the ones in my head saying, Why Luke? Why didnât you take her out before she died?
âLuke hey I need to tell you something!â Mr. Lotâs voice rang out as he came running down the hall to my cell. âI have a friend in Alabama that takes slaves to purposely lets them free to the Underground Railroad you can go to him. His name is Mr.Owend."
âWow he buys slaves to free them? Why doesnât he get in trouble for doing that? I ask questioning his motives.
âWell he makes them work but not like painful labor. He makes the woman sew and the men hunt with him.â Mr. Lots answers my question before I can ask it. âHe is so far out in the country that the police canât find him and bring him in for freeing slaves. He makes the work to be free, one month for freedom, but mention that you are friends with me and heâll let you go immediately.â
âBut if heâs so far out in the country that the police canât find him, how does he get his slaves then?â I ask skeptically.
âHe has a friend that gets the slaves and brings them to him, a man that goes by Wendell Jacobs, so heâs the one that you should ask to go to.â
âAlright Iâll keep that in mind." I retorted quickly considering the odds of that happening, "But Iâm not sure that the mayor will let me pick who I want to go to for slavery though.â
âYou have too many friends in this town that wonât mayor pick youâre slave owner, theyâll make him let you do it. Heâll let you out in 1 hour to bring you to choose your slave owner; Wendell Jacobs is who you want. Stay strong Luke and good luck.â Mr. Lots says as he walks out of the jail.
An hour later, the policemen come back in, keys in hand to unlock the cell to bring me to the mayor.
Walking out of the jail there were lines on the street waiting for me to come out. Walking the whole way to the mayorâs house to the jail with cheers and boos on both sides of the street made me want to run. Kill the police holding me with their own sabers and run. Go to Canada, the land of freedom, no slavery and peace. Walking into the mayorâs house, I was greeted by the mayorâs wife.
With disgust spilling out of her mouth, she said, "The Mayor is in his study so you can accept all the slavery and death you want you MONSTER!!" Stomping away muttering curses at me.
I walked into the Mayor's study with a nervous pit in my stomach as i saw him. I immediately said, "I have a request for who i want to be enslaved to! And you can't refuse this offer because too many people in this town support me!"
The Mayor was taken aback with this proposal. "Well then, who do you want to be enslaved to then, Mr. Luke Murderer?
"I want to go to Wendall Jacobs of Alabama Mr. Mayor." I said using the same mocking tone he used; seeing as he's not really my mayor anymore i shouldn't give him anymore respect.
Now he's really mad about this. "Fine it's decided, in one week from now Luke Javon will be sent to Wendall Jacobs of Alabama to become enslaved to him." The Mayor said as he walked outside repeating what he said to me to the whole town. at hearing those words a breath of relief washed over, along with the thoughts that I might actually escape slavery.

A week later, i was in a caravan on my way to Alabama. it was the worst ride I've ever been on. Apparently, it was high tide for robbers and brigands, so we always had to hide the food, keep our guns out, and lock the horses up at night so they wouldn't get stolen.
These hired guns protecting the caravan knew of my "murder" and are content with staying away from me, especially when we are moving, putting me near the front of the procession, because " I have experience in murder" (Like a hired gun hasn't killed anyone before).
The night before we entered Alabama, we were attacked by the worst band of brigands yet. There were screams of the horses and hired guns alike. As the guns fired, the woods rang with the sound tearing canvas, and gunshots.
Before i know, my tent is collapsed, my gun and saber that the hired guns gave me are gone, and my hands are tied behind my back with a coarse horse lead. All 8 of my "guards" as the mayor called them are dead are dying, as are the horses and mules, which were pulling the caravan,
Then the captain of the brigand group walks up to me and says,"I know all that happened to you, because of the man you sold your last slave to, Mr. Jenkins, it that his name? Well, it doesn't matter anyways, i killed him myself when he tried to stop us from attacking your caravan.
So I have an offer for you. You can join my band, and have the best things that we own. The best clothes, tent, food and all the worldly possessions that you could ever need. The second offer is to be killed for the safety of my band. So what will you choose, and quickly or I choose for you."
Strangely, it was a hard decision. Would i become everyone's enemy, or just end it quickly. then it hit me. The captain was the only one awake out of the band. So I could accept tonight, then not be in this camp be tomorrow.
"I will take the first offer that you offered me." I said with clear regret in my voice.
With a cheeky grin, the captain says, "Great, your tent will be put up any minute now. And by the way, if you need me for any reason, my name is James, but call me Thorn.

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