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[Dup/Dup] Bands exchange!

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Posted Feb 22, '14 at 9:41pm



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Hello, fellow Armorgamers!

So, I'm a big fan of metal/melodic death metal/powermetal music, but, as I stated before, I also like listening to other kind of music.

You know, finding other bands worth listening is a great feeling that a music lover has. And I personally love music - I love to listen to the lyrics and "feel" the music.. it's weird, I know.
So, I decided to make a topic like this where everyone can post whatever bands they know for other to try out and listen, maybe they'll also love it!


Okay, I'm starting:
Crossfaith - metalcore
Norther - death metal/ melodic death metal (?)
Insomnium - melodic death metal
Parasite Inc. - melodic death metal
ANNISOKAY - post-hardcore
Adept - metalcore
Disturbed - Nu-metal/hard rock
Sabaton - powermetal
Celesty - powermetal
Powerwolf - powermetal
Eluveitie - folk metal
Amon Amarth - viking metal
Whispered - "samurai" metal
Ensiferum - folk metal
Thousand Foot Krutch - rock/hard rock
Combichrist - aggrotech

I will post more as I find more. ^_^

Posted Feb 22, '14 at 10:09pm



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Amon Amarth - viking metal

Thats a fans view...

Here is what Johann Hegg (singer of Amon Amath) have to say about it (and, listen to the music they make, he is totaly right!)

[quote]âWe play Death Metal. We write about Vikings so therefor [sic!] some refer us to Viking metal, but I have no idea what that is.â[/url]

Posted Feb 22, '14 at 10:15pm



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Oh, well it is indeed my fault about that, I just checked some info about them and it's also said they're doing melodic death metal.

Thanks for informing me right!


Posted Feb 23, '14 at 12:29am



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Question, what exactly are we doing here? It doesn't seem clear in OP

Is it like this thread?


Posted Feb 23, '14 at 3:48am



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This thread is a duplicate/duplicate I'm afraid... if you want to talk about Heavy Metal, try visiting the thread pang suggested, called Heavy Metal.

The other already existing thread that is around for those that want to try new music, is the one called Right now I'm listening to....

These two make this particular thread redundant and it will therefor be locked. Don't get me wrong, we love to see new initiatives to spike the activity, but you need to look around a bit first, before making a new thread... and if you have an idea, but you're not sure about it, you can always ask a Moderator about it. =)