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Battlefield 3 - Thoughts and opinions

Posted Mar 11, '14 at 2:48pm



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Here are my BF 4 battlelog and stats. I'm have a blast with the game. Had a hard time playing it at first because I get simulator sickness but with time I got used to the game.

If you want to add me as a friend go right ahead. If you like Mission I accept all of them regardless if I play the class or not. I mainly enjoy Rush but play Conquest as well.

BF4 website My Soldier

BF4 Stats PC


Posted Mar 12, '14 at 9:08pm



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Since I'm bored, I'm just going to go ahead and post loadouts that I like to use in Bf3.

Assault Class

F2000- Kobra (RDS), foregrip, supressor
Side arm- M1911 S-TAC
Gadgets- Defibs, M320 Smoke
Specialization- Squad Ammo/ Frag

This loadout is great for stealth, especially on Metro. Not a whole lot of people check the subway escalators when they have the B flag so I sneak up behind them and rack up kills. This loadout can also help when you're spawn-trapped. It's the reason why I have M320 Smoke. I use it to lure the enemy towards it and flank around. I chose the F2000 because if it's power in close quarters. It could help with medium range if you have the recoil mastered, but med-long range is not this guns strength. Its design looks great as well.

Engineer Class

SG553- Reflex Sight, foregrip, laser sight
Side arm- 93r
Gadgets- RPG/SMAW, repair tool
Specialization- Squad Explosives/Ammo/Sprint

SG553 has almost little to no overall recoil. However, it does have some side-to-side recoil so the foregrip negates it. Laser sight helps boost its close range capabilities.

Support Class

M249- Holographic sight, bipod, extended mags
Side arm- G18
Gadgets- Ammo box, C4
Specialization- Squad Explosives/Suppression/flak

This loadout is lethal once you're set up with the bipod. With the bipod set, there's no recoil and you can pretty much spam down a narrow area of the map where most of the enemies come from. This is mostly useful in Rush because C4 will come in handy and you can place them on the M-COM. Flak helps when the enemies are spamming grenades at you.

Recon Class

M98B- sights will vary, bipod, laser sight
Side Arm- .44 Magnum
Gadgets- will vary, radio beacon (spawn beacon)
Specialization- Squad Suppression/Cover

I'm a very bad recon player and my shots aren't very accurate. Recon can have multiple playstyles. Long range, I use rifle scope 8x or ballistics 12x, then tugs so no one can sneak up on me. If I play aggressive recon, I use PKA 3.4x and XBOW.

Most of these are personal preference. I never look at charts or stats to see what attachments would be best suited for any weapon. I experiment around and use what fits me the most. Yep, I was bored.


Posted Mar 16, '14 at 8:16am



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I'm a very bad recon player and my shots aren't very accurate.

If you want a tip, don't change your scope magnification. Keep the same scope so you can get used to bullet drop, ADS time and sensitivity. Then your shot should be more accurate when you get "pro" with a certain scope/sight.

Posted Mar 17, '14 at 8:03pm



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i only played battlefied 1942, bad company 2, bf3, and bf4 but i still think the series is awesome, considering downloading bf2 at some point. i love the DLC its the best DLC for any game i ever played, but imo bf cant be played alone or i will get WAY too bored

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