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Ah yes, the Sims. This game was always a personal favorite in my family. I myself first discovered it right around the time it came out, and I was addicted immediately, as was my wife whom I was not yet married to at the time. We have played all three, and we now have to be very wary of playing it so as to not become addicted once again.

I will not answer every single one of those questions, at least not at this given moment, as I could write an entire novel on my various Sims experiences, but I will highlight a few key points of my playing style.

1) - I always play with free will turned off. There are no exceptions. Free will seems like it should have been created to make the game easier for some people, when in fact, it makes every Sim much harder to control. You send them to do one thing, and they decide they don't wish to do it, so they start on something else, and its usually something unproductive like reading a book or watching television. Meanwhile, you're somewhere else busy with another Sim, and you have no idea what the first Sim has been up to all this time.

2) - I always ultra speed through the current action, not regular ultra speed. Only The Sims 3 has the option to ultra speed through the current action, but nevertheless, it is the most useful tool in the game. The last thing you want is to have five Sims sleeping and one Sim awake that you don't know is awake and is therefore just standing in one place for Sim hours.

3) - If you wish to save money with your Sims, particularly on beds, and you create more Sims than your current house can hold with the beds provided, it can be very helpful to make some of your Sims related to each other. No matter how strong their relationship actually is, brothers and sisters will never object to sleeping in the same bed. You can fit eight Sims in four beds from the beginning and all you have to make sure of is that each Sim is related to at least one other Sim in the household.


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Is anyone excited for the Sims 4, which is scheduled to be released sometime this fall?

What is the Sims 4?

I got so frustrated with this playing style, though, that I eventually got my mom to look up cheat codes, and after that, I rosebudded the hell out of every family I made

Luckily, I knew someone from the beginning who owned the game and knew all the cheats (all 2 of them), so I never had to play the "natural" way, even though I did every so often just for the hell of it because building a giant house and furnishing it right away didn't leave room for much playing. Not with the limited interaction options the Sims (1) had to offer.

I did a lot of experimenting with the "move_objects" cheat.

What kind of experimenting? I mostly used that cheat just to move glitched Sims if they got stuck. I did try putting objects on top of other objects, such as putting a stove in a couch or something ridiculous like that, but it served no practical purpose, so I really only turned the cheat on if I wanted to move a Sim, and I would turn it off immediately after. The in-game boundaries were set for a reason, so building or buying something with the cheat still on could cause the area to become inaccessible or the object to become unusable.

After the Open For Business expansion, my entire playing style changed, and I would turn a few of my sims into rich business owners while my other working class sims became their employees.

Venture capitalism was always fun. What types of things did you have your Sims sell? I found that the crafted objects, such as toys, robots, or baked goods, were harder to sell, since they could only be restocked if your Sim had enough of said object in their inventory, which meant the profits could not roll in on their own without extra effort from your Sim's part.

It focused more on the individual sims than it did the greater scheme of things, and that made playing the game less fun for me.

I actually wanted it to focus more on Sims' personalities than it said it did. Aside from a few quirks here and there, such as the evil Sims rubbing their hands together or virtuoso Sims singing in the shower, Sims mostly interacted the same way with each other as they did in the earlier games.

I did like how much you could do with the game, and if there was a way to combine Sims 2 Open For Business and Apartment Life with Sims 3 Ambitions, that would be my ideal Sims game.

I thought the Sims 3 Late Night would be more like Apartment Life, but it came as a shock to me when you could only move one Sim family into an entire apartment building. The Sims 3 really dropped the ball on that one.

1) - I always play with free will turned off.

I also play this way, just so I can have complete control over my Sims. Although, it might be a fun challenge to try and see what you can do with your Sims if you give them a mind of their own.

No matter how strong their relationship actually is, brothers and sisters will never object to sleeping in the same bed.

I can't remember if this was the case in the Sims 2, and in the first Sims, there were no actual blood relationships between Sims, so from my recollections, nobody ever objected to sleeping next to anyone in the same bed. Someone who can access their older Sims games is going to have to verify all of this, especially whether brothers and sisters with a low relationship are willing to share a bed in the Sims 2, as this is too trivial a detail for me to remember from not having played in so long.

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Although, it might be a fun challenge to try and see what you can do with your Sims if you give them a mind of their own.

For an experience closer to real life, this would be the preferred way of playing, but then the purpose of turning free will on almost defeats itself. The problem I've had with free will is that the Sims cannot function entirely on their own and still live a productive lifestyle, so turning it on only seems like a good idea when you have more Sims that you feel capable of controlling. However, because your Sims move much more slowly with free will on, and they only do leisurely activities under free will when they aren't fulfilling basic needs such as hunger, sleep, and toilet, your Sims can actually accomplish more when you have complete control over them, even if you think it's more realistic to play with free will on. If you cannot control more than a certain number of Sims in a household, you require more practice.
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