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Feedback please.

Posted Feb 27, '14 at 2:16am



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I friend of mine suggested the following MMOs for me to try:

-Eden Eternal
-Eclipse War

I would like to get some feedback about the games before I install them. It's much credible to get a feedback from fellow gamers than to go to their main site for infos.


Posted Feb 27, '14 at 4:03am



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eden eternal gets boring mid way, eclipse has those transformation cards. I only tried eden eternal.


Posted Feb 28, '14 at 12:58am



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I checked both games (I haven't tried them but I did make a few searches) and here are my feedback.

Eden Eternal: Their strong point is the ability to freely swap between classes. They also feature the ability of guilds to make their own town which I find really interesting.

Eclipse War: They showcase the Transformation feature where players can morph into creatures. According to what I read, they have a total of 700 creature cards that can be obtained.

I'm not really into new MMOs nowadays--maybe I'm just too old for this hahah! The only MMO I enjoyed is Ragnarok Online, which is still my favorite.

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