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Posted Apr 5, '14 at 7:42pm



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Well, I didn't sleep last night, but that should take care of my jet lag if I don't fall asleep right now


Posted Apr 7, '14 at 7:59am



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I normally stay up on weekends untill early morning...
exactly what happend the day before yesterday.
Also,on sundays,i have to stay up waching cosmos.
One time,i tried putting on relaxing music on my computer,but it was WAY TOO SHORT.I had to keep restarting the music wich involved me getting back up many times.


Posted Apr 7, '14 at 9:53pm



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Some people actually have an easier time falling asleep in front of the TV than they do in their own bed. Someone else is going to have to explain why this is, but I've always found it to be an interesting phenomenon.

Yeah my grandma was like that, we started watching a movie late in the evening and 10 minutes later she was snoring! xD
I wish I could do that too.
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