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This is my feedback about the game:
Graphic on fight are good (except on vs screens), but game lagging much, at least now can quit effect, blood or sounds.
fight are more fluid now, but still "slow" and have lag most time...
Ring out is good for beat AFK players, but not good when fight other players. This is like a sumo fight game, you can push the other toon, but cant move it.
Economicly the game is more hard than before:
Thanks devs for make most the gear NOT TRADEABLE ANYMORE and CLASS SPECIFIC
Materials for crafting are more rare and expensive than before the update, but even if can craft it, most crafted item sucks, advanced ones are little better but still sucks compared with epic (violet) or gold ones, only a few are good enough to spend on it.
Most weapon on MARKET COST GOLD, the SILVER ONES REALLY SUCKS. NO MORE GOLD FOR LEVEL UP OR LOOT. At least devs not quit all silver armors or jewelry (yet?)
Gold is vip currency: pay for win or at least do it better...

play if want a hard game, where not have any chance (without spending real money) to win against older players with full upgraded gold gear. but still fun for casual play when you have luck of not fight against lvl 30s toons

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Any complaint would be crushed by the devs with mobs with regular speech "take it or leave it" but never "let's elaborate and we'll fix it"
The game is super unbalanced/unfair and the devs are too high and mighty to take any critics.
It's a decent game only when you pay and slap in your toon tons of gold items.
Otherwise, it will push you to the edge of frustration. Here's some unacceptable points:

- unfair match-up : in normal conditions (up to date equipments, same player skills) they can crush the whole team of 5-10 lv lowers without a sweat.
Not to mention with this current system, the lowest level sometime for arranged to fight against 2 others players.
If you complain, the mobs out there will only give you a naive explanation :"it's random" "it's just your bad luck".

Why the hell should i take that for as a valid argument for hiding a problem in programming? But honestly, i think it was intentionally made that way to force non-payers to pay and let gold-payers enjoy their time. Wonder why this game isn't popular? Those who can stick to it for long time are only gold payers, so now they are all at high level or creating new toons with godly equipments ready harassing the others.

- Good luck with the bots if you're in mid level like 11+ and don't have good equipments. Speaking of my case, level 12 blade master, 600HP and hit for 20s-30s damage per skill but got set up against a whole lot of bots that are level 18+ with 900+ HP half full gold items, normal hit for 70s damage.

- The stats gap between paid items and purchasable items in shop are too large which make gold payer become godly. I had the chance to see a very weak player transform right after he buy a gold set items. From the standard "very weak"=> "so strong"

- The devs make it super hard for non payers to earn gold, can't reach legendary rank because you'll be faced by a lot of gold payers along with lv 30 freaks feeding on low levels.

-Upgrading now requires a lot of gold, even for a low grade ones. And there's 4 level to upgrade.
Basically you can't afford to buy anything gold related. Even the keys to reward treasure chests we got from fights require gold to buy.
How long do you think it would take to be able to buy a meteorite hammer which costs 650 gold?

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