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Description: First forum post, good, keep it up!
Difficulty: Easy

Why only 1 post?

I think most of the people aren't even aware of the forum existence,so let's give them a chance to explore,and who knows, maybe they will like it and decide to stay!
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Description: Warming up! Congratulations on 100 forum posts!
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Description: Now we are talking! Congratulations on 1,000 forum posts!
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I consider that we can call anyone who reaches 1000 forum posts a Veteran. Such a person probably knows every corner of the forum.
Part of the forum inventory!
Description: 10,000 forum post,WOW unbelievable!
Difficulty: Very Hard

Why the range from 1 up to 10000 with instances on 100 and 1000 ?

With a normal behavior anyone is able to achieve 1,000 forum posts.

The reason for the big lap from 1000 to 10000 lies in safety measures,we don't need spam! Even if someone is hunting quests, a long way is ahead of him,and I don't believe that someone is ready to pass such a long route just for 1 quest!

In addition, that quest should indicate something above average,something amazing!
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Description: Warming up! Congratulations on 100 comments!
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Description: Now we are talking! Congratulations on 1,000 comments!
Difficulty: Hard
Description: 10,000 comments,WOW unbelievable!
Difficulty: Very Hard

Conclusion: The same as for forum posts!
Description: Earn your first merit. YAY!
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Earn 5 merits!
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Earn 25 merits!
Difficulty: Hard
Merit king
Description: Earn 100 merits!
Difficulty: Very Hard
Casual gamer
Description: Play and rate 10 games!
Difficulty: Easy
Core gamer
Description: Play and rate 100 games!
Difficulty: Medium
Pro gamer
Description: Play and rate 1000 games!
Difficulty: Hard
Hardcore gamer
Description: Play and rate 3000 games!
Difficulty: Very Hard

Why these group of quests when we already have game related quests ?

One of the main reasons why we are all here, are games actually, in every sense of that word! Games with quests are cool addition,but that does not mean that other games should not be played at all, on the contrary the more we play the more we contribute to the site growth.

Unique quests:
Description: Secret!!!
Difficulty: Unique
Description: Secret!!!
Difficulty: Unique

Castle builder, Castle crusher .... and many others

Unique quests should be given a special attention,they are the future in every sense.


Now,let's get down to the point of all this:

The main concept:

Transformation of Legacy quest into Community quests!!!

The original idea was to establish a balance between new and old members of this site. The legacy quest are not a good solution and definitely they need to be replaced with new system. One of the possible solution is implementation of ~ Community quests ~ where all have equal chances.

I'll explain a little more detail:

Members which have a large number of legacy quests do not lose anything, when their legacy quests turn into Community quests they will still be slightly ahead over average members and especially over newcomers,but there would be healthy competition.

And that's what this is all about,healthy competition,equal conditions for all.I think this could injected a new life into this site and make things much more interesting.

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