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Armatar and quest system sugestion

Posted Mar 14, '14 at 6:27pm



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When you get a determinated number of quests you will get an amount of armatars
1 quest =1 new armatar
5 quests = 3 new armatars
10 quests= 5 new armatars
Note: The game you play don't give a diferen armatar, armatars are predefined


Posted Mar 14, '14 at 7:01pm



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The old, AP-based, system works like that, in those days you gain AP for different actions, and a amount of AP unlock new armatars.
With the new Quests-system they decide that the most armatars are free for all (only a very few, high AP armatars are only choosable for them who had this score before the change).

A new change may cause some problems in the community, but thats only my thought here.

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