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Posted Apr 22, '14 at 10:53am



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It wouldn't be so bad if the developers made similar games, but each had it's own style.

A major problem is that we, as gamers, generally don't know what we want until we have it. No big studio (except nintendo) will take a risk on a new concept while we still lap up the same old stuff. The only innovators are indie devs as they have almost nothing to lose.

Anyway, a game I want to see made would be a sci-fi adventure game, with open exploration of multiple planets and space stations (and your ship's interior, if it's big), and open solar system space flight and lots of customisable ships and weapons. The game would be open ended, like skyrim, but with several quests to follow, maybe a main one about a galactic war or something, and side ones following four different competing factions: a knight style one, a pirate style one, a sciency one, and an assassin style one.

I would accept this basic concept in pretty much any setting though. Steampunk, maybe?


Posted Apr 22, '14 at 5:51pm



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This idea I'm about to come up with is a great one, even though I'm definitely not the first to say what I'm about to say.

Lego has the rights to both Marvel and DC. So why not make something like a Lego Marvel vs DC? This is something people have wanted since the beginning(subtracting the lego part) and Lego could actually make this happen. I just hope they don't miss their chance.


Posted Apr 23, '14 at 7:05am



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The problem is, the biggest game producers won't try something new and risky while they can release another FIFA 20XX or typical FPS (and people will buy it anyway).

The only hope are small producers who needs to create something original to get into market.

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