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Something that really aggravates me is the effort put into not offending people. Anyone can get five minutes of fame by doing something "racist" and "offensive." This thread is for people who have (or want to discuss) mental disorders and/or handicaps.

I have PCE (Partial Complex Epilepsy), and I have no problem joking about it or calling it a "mental disorder" instead of whatever cheesy non-offensive title the government uses for it now (someone on AG called themselves "neurodiverse" not long ago). I am not "special." I'm an epileptic taking 8 pills a day to avoid one of the most terrifying experiences in existence. In my case, &quotartial" means it exists in an abnormal (and very small) area of my brain. "Complex" means, basically, a whole board of neuroscientists and doctors reviewed a week-long brain scan and couldn't figure out what the causes were. As of now, I'm taking two kinds of medication and it's working. That's all they know.

And I'm fine with it. I can't "undo" epilepsy and I'm not going to curl up into a ball and cry about how unfair it all is. I am 21 and thanks to epilepsy I still don't have a driver's license, much less a car. My response is to play games that have an "epilepsy warning" at the beginning.

So what's your take? I loathe the term "special" because that word applies to so many other elements of life and it's being tainted by stamping it on mental disorders, and if I can call it a mental disorder (which can be a no-no these days), I believe anyone should be allowed to. Do you think people should be careful about how they refer to this, or should everyone be on even ground when it comes to discussing it? Or is there middle ground?

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