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Hey guys! SO my birthday is April 5th, almost two weeks from now, and everyone is invited to the party I won't actually be having! Yes, everyone (unless you're a jerk. Requirements can be found in my About).

Anyway. Similar to the "Guess who's getting married!" thread, I will need people to fill several roles. Please, find which fits you (or another member) best and insert your name:

The BFF who stays all day:
The friend who stays almost all day:
The "mature" one who makes sure everyone is getting along:
The one who wants to play video games the whole time:
The one who shows up for an hour and suddenly has to leave:
The one who only came for the food:
The one who WANTS CAKE NOW:

The one who bought my present from a dollar store an hour ago:
The one who bought me something awesome and relatively expensive:
The one who gave me cash and an unsigned card:
The one who forgot it was a birthday party and didn't bring anything:

The socially awkward one who sits at a table by themselves:
The one who prank-calls the cops and leaves:
The one who dropped the cake and/or set something on fire with the candles:

Or any other role you feel is necessary! See you there!

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