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The problem with 7 Days to Die

Posted Mar 24, '14 at 11:36am



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So, we've all heard about 7 Days to Die, I'm sure. I've actually been playing it for a while. This game has one serious problem, however. There are WAY too many zombies. I mean seriously, how would 70 people live in a town with literally three houses. There's probably a zombie every 2 feet out in the wilderness. If I had lived in this world, I would be more worried about the gratuitous overpopulation, than World War 3, as stated in several newspapers. I honestly think this virus did the world a favor, killing off a ton of people. I mean seriously, in one small house, I found 6 or 7 zombies.


Posted Apr 8, '14 at 12:21pm



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Haven't played it, but also: terrain destruction. Seriously, how does a zombie punch through a brick wall? If they made climbing or really high-jumping zombies that'd be cool (you'd have to get creative with your fortress designs), but instead you just have to watch in horror as your massive, trap-filled bastion collapses because a zombie kicked a major structural element three times and it smashed.

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