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Posted Apr 2, '14 at 12:51pm



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We can talk about either.

Steve Austin is a singer, producer, guitarist, psychotic, alcohalic, crack-addict, etc....

But really, he's the singer and guitarist for Today is the Day. He also runs an underground record company called Supernova Records, with the name being based off the first album he ever appeared on. He's a firm believer in artistic control and personal liberty. As for his music, well, it's rather ****ed. Darkness is definitely his favorite theme. Anyway, if you want some good noisecore rec's, pick up Templ of the Morning Star or Sadness Will Prevail by his band. If you want something more... Traditional I guess, try In the Eyes of God. I haven't picked it up so I'm not sure on the latter's title, but I know it's something like that.


Posted Apr 2, '14 at 1:24pm



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psychotic, alcohalic, crack-addict

*opens mouth and attempts to objects"

*listens to I Bent Scared*

*shuts up*

Anywho, what Sal said above is correct - his music genre is Noisecore which is the ultimate mix of Noise rock and grindcore. Albums that have earned the title Noisecore in my eyes is Today Is The Day's album "Temple Of The Morning Star" and "Sadness Will Prevail", both albums being produced in Steve Austin's underground music studio Austin Enterprises. For more info...

Temple Of The Morning Star - Wikipedia
Sadness Will Prevail - Wikipedia
Today Is The Day - Wikipedia (The search "Steve Austin (musician)" redirects here)

Posted Apr 2, '14 at 6:46pm



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It's all just noise to me...
Now, Bread, Cheese, Bow and Arrow, there's a song.

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