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Get it? LOL Meow?

Woke up late this morning, I yawned extensively, scratched my clawing pole a bit, snacked some cat chow, licked meh paws while watching some window channel and chased a toy for a while... and then... I was bored...

No mice to chase, cuz I ate them all - heh, everyone left the house for work in a hurry and here I am, all alone with nothing useful to do around the house. The usual day. Heh, could be worse... but, I was still bored!

I started walking around from room to room and suddenly my fabulous cat hearing, yuz we R a fantazztic race, picked up a buzz coming from the dining room table... uhh, whazzdis? Oh! My feeder left his laptop running! Hmmm... let's see what he was doing before he ran out the door, late for work, as usual...

*tap tap*

Armor Games? What's that then? A gaming website... huh? Games... I lovez me sum gamez! Let's see... "Videos", "Developers", "Forums"... "Forums"! Let's see if there is anything interesting going on...

*tap tap*

"Support"... on catching mice? No sir-ee! I am an expert at that... you could learn from the mastah!


"Newcomers"... y'know what? I'm crearting an account! Then I can introduce my extraordinary, awesome, loving, furry persona to the whole world! Yuz!

*tap tap*
Account registered...
*tap tap*
Welcom to Armor Games!
Why thank you!
*tap tap*
Let's see what's going on on the Forums!

*tap tap*
*tap tap*
My arch enemy! Doge!
What is he doing here!?!?!?!

Heheh... so he's a Moderator here, huh?
Let's see if we can get him to sweat a little... Mraw-yeah!
*tap tap*
Get ready for the EvilKittyCat666!!!

Here we go!!


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I wonder who is this person who wants to express a furry persona. Hmm, hmm who is the most person likely that is in AG Staff that likes cats...

(casts a spell)
sushi cat sushi cat where are ye tell me the tail of the evil kitty

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