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Inspired by Game Theory.

What are your opinions? Are gamers ruining video games? Is this what made the Wii-U? Is this what made the over-rated PS4? Is this what made the horrible Xbo- you get my point.

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One problem i see with this, is maybe not that games are ruining games, but gamers may be ruining the overall experience related to games.

just a recent example....the Release of the flash game Gemcraft Chasing Shadows. There was a tentative release date, followed by an update saying it wasnt ready, this was followed by lots of angry posting by players verbally abusing the developer. this cycle occurred about 3 times, with the abuse getting worse and worse each time.

It feels like the gaming community is getting so entitled, that if their expectations arent met, its fair game to direct abuse at the developers. I have seen articles ( not just in reference to games, but to movies as well) where the developers are scared to delay a project, even if they think it would result in a better product, because of how angry the fans would be.
Its not our right to get a game or movie or what ever on a certain date. its not our right to abuse the developers when there are delays. its our right to spend our money where we chose, and if we are not happy with a product or developer, we dont have to pay to get their product. but the entitlement of gamers in this way feels likes its ruining gaming. i am not saying the developers are always right, they are lots of bad games or games with bad features or whatever.

But perhaps more people should try to put out their own product if they think they can do better.

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