A pretty nifty trick I learned that saved me literally hours of coding, is by using the .currentTarget in combination with .name

For simplicity I will use 3 different enemies that point to only one function.

var redEnemy:rEnemy = new rEnemy();
redEnemy.name = "red";

var blueEnemy:bEnemy = new bEnemy();
blueEnemy.name = "blue";

var greenEnemy:gEnemy = new gEnemy();
greenEnemy.name = "green";

redEnemy.addEventListener("dispatchEvent", enemyFire);
blueEnemy.addEventListener("dispatchEvent", enemyFire);
greenEnemy.addEventListener("dispatchEvent", enemyFire);

function enemyFire(event):void
var currentEnemy:Object = event.currentTarget;


if (currentEnemy.name == "red")
trace("red gunfire");
else if (currentEnemy.name == "blue")
trace("blue gunfire");
else if (currentEnemy.name == "green")
trace("green gunfire");

now you might say what is the point of .currentTarget but you can use the object that you declared as the current target (in this case I used currentEnemy) and use its x and y coordinates for whatever you need.

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