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Umm... Hi?

Posted May 12, '14 at 9:34pm



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Boy, girl, two-spirit, alien, who cares? Everybody's welcome to the forums, regardless of who they are. Come make your presence known in the Tavern. C'mon, it's just the first link in the forums.


Posted May 13, '14 at 6:24am



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Hello Mingystar! Welcome to AG forums. I hope you check out forum games, it's one of the best places on the forum. I'll see you around!


Posted May 14, '14 at 7:54am



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There is three stink'in pages of comments I thought there was going to be like 1 COMMENT! ( sorry for Caps.)


Posted May 14, '14 at 9:33am



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Haha... once you open the pandora box called Armor Games' Community, there's no escape @Mingystar4. Better prepare for a lot of fun! =)


Posted May 14, '14 at 11:47am



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speaking of fun here is this!!
This is not my joke I pasted it:
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Hillary Clinton died and went to Heaven. St. Peter was giving her a tour of Heaven when she noticed that there were dozens of clocks on the wall. Each clock displayed a different time of day.

When she asked St. Peter about the clocks, he replied, ''We have a clock for each person on earth and every time they tell a lie the hands move. The clock ticks off one second each time a lie is told.'' Special attention was given to two clocks. The clock belonging to Mother Teresa has never moved, indicating that she never told a lie. The clock for Abraham Lincoln has only moved twice. He only told two lies in his life. Hillary asked ''Where is Bill's clock?''

St. Peter replied, ''Jesus has it in his office... he's using it as a ceiling fan.'''
If it is not appropriate then just delete it don't ban me I am just a poor poor newbie
(_Not really if you say so then you are right?_)

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Posted May 14, '14 at 6:33pm



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There is three stink'in pages of comments I thought there was going to be like 1 COMMENT!

You are unusually popular for a newbie. I welcomed you a month ago and people are still welcoming you now. I never received that kind of recognition when I was new.
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