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The server for Dragon's Call Two Eagle eyes on armor games is not working you click on it and it says server unavailable. It says mention AVI server. All it says when you click eagle eyes is server unavailable and to click Alert.OKLABEL this has been down for a week not this is the 5 time on here I have reported it I have tried to get ahold of some one on Skype and not been given an answer yet.....

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I just tried to login to the "Eagle Eyes (CET)" server and all worked fine for me.

You are trying to login to the specified server that is made for your specific part of the world, right? Because said server is for the European region and probably works best for that region alone.

You seem to live in the U.S. (according to your profile's country flag), which means you should try one of the servers created/offered for your region, depending on what timezone you are in of course.

Please try again with the correct server and let us know if it works, ok? =)

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