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Seeing as how I did not any other threads with mention of this I felt the need to share this story of how a thirteen year old boy shot his mom in the head, for taking away a Call of Duty game, after trying to rape her and then blamed it on ADD.

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On the other hand, i think i'm going straight to the frontier territory of the topic with my last comment and if i keep this up, it's going to blast through the "walls" of this topic. so if you think it the same way as i do, feel free to ignore my last post. i'm just going to make a new topic in that case

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Am I the only one here who noticed how this particular case sounds like a really bad punk/emo song?

I know. Bad joke. Moving on.

From what I see in the article "his mum Gretchen confiscated his video game because he got bad grades at school". I was in a similar position when I was 7 years old but I most certainly didn't attempt or even think of murdering my own mother. The child obviously has a mental disorder, but the real question is how he was able to live 13 years without anyone noticing he has a mental state so unstable he'd murder his own mother, and before hand attempt to rape her. Usually a child who would have such destructive actions would have similar acts of violence in non-extreme cases (such as taking out aggression by stabbing dolls, shooting stuffed animals with an airsoft gun, etc). It sounds like he has a more sophisticated mental disorder; something stronger and more passive than ADD.

What do you do with someone like this?

Perhaps psychologists could examine him in solitary confinement and see if he has a new form of mental disorder, or a very rare mental disorder.

As goes without mention, Call of Duty isn't what made him do the act. He's a teen, going through some teenage stuff, and probably used Call of Duty as an outlet for some stress he may have had. Having it taken from him may have released some built up stress he had been suppressing (which the final quote in Reton's post further leads me to believe).

I'm a teen myself and I've gone through harder situations in life, situations with no form of stress release. His "snap" and reaction was not only extreme but a reaction that no sane man or teen would actually come up with.

I've never heard of stress-induced rape.

Nor I. The only form of stress-induced rape I could think of is sexual frustration, and that's a different case in itself.
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