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Build effective defenses, gather precious minerals and repel invasion with these eight new Quests for Colony Defenders TD2.
Blood on the Field
Kill 500 swarm invaders.
Hardness: Easy
Rush the next wave 20 times.
Hardness: Easy
Rookie Drill
Gather 10000 minerals
Hardness: Easy
Total Tower Upgrade
Fully upgrade and energize a defense turret.
Hardness: Medium
Deadly Strike
Kill 25 swarm invaders with a single air strike.
Hardness: Medium
Complete the game with 3 stars on each level.
Hardness: Hard
Immaculate Victory
Complete level 8,9 or 10 without taking any base damage and without using a single air strike.
Hardness: Hard
Maximum Drill
Gather 6000 minerals in a single level (8,9 or 10).
Hardness: Hard

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