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Moin (greeting from north germay ),

i want to create the perfect mana farm(MF).
What i have found out so far:
Do not use Blue in your MF. BlackOR is way better. You can still get +1k monsters on one Trap.
put a BlueRBack(W) in the trap where your MF will be. Set the Gem to Random. Anger a wave of very slow Giants to +1e21 hp. make sure no speed up beacons are on the way to your MF. Have 2 freeze spells ready. when there are 200 or so monsters on the slowing gem: freeze them. just the ones on the trap, not the ones before! wait a little till there are more and freeze again. repeat. if you run out of freese spells: send some(2 or 3) more not enraged waves in and/or use a shrine of focus. when you have enough monsters on the trap change it with your mana-gain gem. keep on freezing the monsters. freeze spell will add up. i had a monster frozen for 300 sec max. in the last game; ingame time. with this technique you can have your leaching monster like forever on the trap.

more in the next post.

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