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An untitled thing i made when I was bored.

Posted May 10, '14 at 3:08pm



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I felt the walls around me, rough, like sand paper, but it was much stronger. This strange... Prison I was in, kept legs bent back into my stomach, I only had enough room to lay on my back in a butchered version of the fetal position. I felt the air on my neck, a small draft behind my head. I couldn't see it from the position I was in. It gave me slight relief to the cramping position I was stuck in. I heard nothing but the kick of an engine, my prison wasn't bouncing around, so I assumed the vehicle wasn't moving yet. I took a minute to gather my thoughts, "I'm going to die" was the only thing playing through my head, like a broken record. My deep thinking and shallow breathing was interrupted by the sound of wood cracking, above my head... The light shined on my face, it felt nice.


Posted May 11, '14 at 6:40am



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Very interesting. I want to hear more.

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