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This is a basic "how-to" guide for Fistful of Frags, which was released and cancelled last year. The new version is much different from the original, as it is stand-alone now and not a mod, and it is so new that no updated guides exist.

Fistful of Frags
Genre: FPS
Era: Wild West
Platform: PC (Steam)
Price: F2P (Free to Play)
Rating: T (Blood, Alcohol)

FoF was originally a Half-Life 2 mod. It has retained the gameplay mechanics to a certain extent, so if you play or have played HL2 you will be familiar with the mechanics. As of now it is an online-only multiplayer FPS with four teams on a map. You cannot shoot teammates. Rather than teams winning, the scoreboard is arranged by each player's final score, meaning that the teams are scrambled through it. In other words, you're on a team, but it's every man for himself.

Right now the only gamemodes are team deathmatch and FFA. Four maps total (a river boat, a western town, a clustered town and a snowy outpost/castle).

All firearms have infinite ammo, so no ammo pickups.

When you get a kill you earn "Notoriety" (6 per kill, less per assist depending on your damage, extras from perks and streaks). Rather than whoever gets the most kills, the person with the highest notoriety win.

WASD - Movement
Left mouse - Fire
Right mouse - Iron Sights (lets you fire weapons faster), Throw weapon, Fire (dual-wield)
Center mouse/press the scroll wheel - Change hands (puts your handgun in your other hand. Useful for deciding what to dual wield, as each weapon must be assigned to a different hand)
Scroll wheel - Change weapons (if you have dual-wield weapons, equip one and scroll to the other to wield both. Changes Right mouse to fire second weapon)
R - Reload (if dual-wielding, hold R and click Left mouse to reload left weapon or Right mouse to reload right weapon)
Space - Jump
Ctrl - Crouch
Alt - Walk (reduces noise and improves aim)
Shift - Kick (with knockback)
E - Interact (open chests, drink whiskey to improve HP, close some doors)
Q - Cycle to previous weapon
B - Open loadout in-game
Z - Chat menu
V - V+Left mouse makes you drop a weapon (the fewer weapons you carry, the faster you are)
Tab - Hold down to view scoreboard in real time
[there are a few other misc ones]

-SW Schofield revolver (the "go-to" weapon. Six shots, single-action, two-shot kill if you're good. Break-open chamber, so reloading takes only two or three seconds)
-Smith Carbine (essentially the sniper rifle of the game. One-shot kill at most ranges. One round and it takes a good four seconds to reload so mind your aim)
-Mare's Leg (lever-action sawed-off rifle. Low on accuracy, medium power, 11-round magazine. Two-to-three shot kill if you're close)
-Dynamite x2 (two sticks. Can be "cooked" by holding down Left mouse)
-Knives x3 (three knives. Can be used to stab with Left mouse or thrown with Right mouse. They are NOT one-hit kill)
-Handgun Throw (throw your pistol as a projectile weapon with left mouse)
-Boots (improves kicking power)
-Brass Knuckles (improves punching power)
-Gentleman (random bonus)
Handgun Skill
-Ambidextrous (dual-wield)
-Right-handed (hold weapon in right hand)
-Left-handed (hold weapon in left hand)

Chest weapons (hold E to open a chest, then press a number key to select a weapon). As the tiers get higher, it takes slightly longer to open the chest. Be aware of your surroundings. Each map usually holds two Blue chests, one or two Red chests and one Gold chest. The loot is as follows:
Blue (Low Tier) Chest:
1. Hatchet (two-hit kill if you swing it with Left mouse, one-hit if you throw it with Right mouse)
2. SW Schofield revolver (standard)
3. Smith carbine (standard)
4. Mare's Leg (standard)
Red (Medium Tier) Chest:
1. Colt Peacemaker (stronger but slower revolver. Takes twice as long to reload at least)
2. Coachgun (double-barrel break-open shotgun. One-shot kill per barrel if you're close)
3. Henry rifle (an iron-sight lever-action sniper rifle with more ammo and less power. Reloads in half the time)
4. Black dynamite (four sticks. not sure what's special about it yet)
Gold (Top Tier) Chest:
1. Pump shotgun W1893 (6 rounds, 6 kills)
2. Colt Walker (another powerhouse revolver)
3. Sharps rifle (scoped rifle. Does not affect peripheral vision. One shot, VERY slow reload, but serious power. One-shot kill at any range)

Other spawn weapons (accessible by clicking the yellow "Refresh" button by the Primary title in the Loadout screen):
1. Derringer x2 (two two-shot pistols. Difficult to use dual-wielded, so low accuracy).
2. Hatchet
3. Colt Navy 1851 (black powder, 6 rounds. Reloads one bullet at a time)
4. Volcanic pistol (strange handgun with a magazine tube. Faster reload, seven rounds)
5. Sawed Shotgun (essentially a double-barrel shotgun with a six-inch barrel. Both barrels at close range = kill. Swift reload speed as well)
6. Bow (Right mouse to draw the arrow back, Left mouse to fire).

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The other 6 weapons can be chosen if you hit the refresh/cycle button in the top corner of the "B" menu.- They should really have a hint for this in-game, it took me a day to figure it out and many people have the same problem.

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New popular map on FoF: Depot, aka fof_depot_b2_final. If you want to play, you need to install it.

How to install a map (Windows XP to 8 Version). Make sure you have Fistful of Frags installed already
Step 1: Find the downloadable files on Steam.
1. Go to your Library -> All Games
2. Select FoF.
3. To the right is a list titled "LINKS." Select "Forums"
4. To the right (scroll down a little) is a list titled "SUB FORUMS." Select "3rd Party Content (maps, skins, etc)"
5. Select the thread titled "fof_depot_b2_final." It will likely be near the top.
6. There are two separate downloads: a BZ2 (8.9 MB) and a .nav File (1.1 MB). Select the first option in both categories (it's a drop box file, called dropboxusercontent).
7. Accept the download.

Step 2: Edit the file
1. You will find the downloads in your "Download" folder. Open your file explorer and check the left-side list. It should be near the top.
2. Select both. Right-click, "Cut."
3. Locate the maps file for FoF. Here is the file path:
OS (C -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> SteamApps -> common -> Fistful of Frags -> fof -> maps
4. Right-click, "Paste." Both files will appear.

Step 3: Unpack the .bsp file
Your .bsp.bz2 map file is in an archived format. It will not load in Steam until you remove the .bz2 from the end. Editing the file name will NOT work.
1. Download 7-Zip from the website ( You will want this one:

Link Type Windows Size
Download .exe 32-bit x86 1 MB

It is the first link at the top of the page.
2. Select "Download." Accept the terms. No worries, it's a safe file.
3. If you do not find the option to run it immediately, find the file. Here is the file path:
OS (C -> Program Files (x86) -> 7-Zip
4. Double-click the file "7zFM." It will open a new window.
5. Find the FoF maps file from above (using the same file path). You will see all of the maps come up.
6. Select the .bsp.bz2 file (click on it only one time)
7. At the top of the screen, select "Extract." It has a large dark blue "-" symbol above it.
8. Wait for the program to finish working.
9. Check to see that .bz2 has been removed from the file name.
10. Close the program.

The Depot map is now safely installed in your PC! If you want, you can go ahead and uninstall 7-Zip, but, since the community is allowed to make and post maps (and people are adding new maps constantly), I suggest leaving it installed, because you'll need it if you want to download another map. Before doing so, though, I suggest reading the comments to see how active/popular it is, or check the FoF servers to see what maps are actively being used.

If you still have questions, ask me on Steam in a message.

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That was fumblingly confusing considering all you had to do was post a few download links and tell users to extract the .bsp file. By the way, I have this.

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That was fumblingly confusing considering all you had to do was post a few download links and tell users to extract the .bsp file.

You have to send them to the "maps" folder for them to work, and you need a program to "extract the file," and, since I had no idea how to do that, I posted the instructions for that too (after getting some help on the Steam forums). Plus, I want people to know where the forum is and how to get there, since the creator is taking feedback and posting updates.
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The FoF servers now have a "Gun Game" game mode, made famous from the CoD franchise. You start with one gun. Get a kill, you instantly get a new gun. The current ladder has 17 tiers. When you get to the last weapon, your body catches on fire (which for some reason doesn't harm you. It just marks you so everyone knows who to kill). The current ladder is (I think):

1. Colt Walker
2. Pump Shotgun
3. Henry Rifle
4. Sawed Shotgun
5. Volcanic Pistol
6. Coach Gun
7. Sharps Carbine
8. SW Schofield
9. Colt Navy
10. Smith Carbine
11. Colt Peacemaker
12. Mare's Leg
13. Hatchet
14. Derringer x2
15. Bow
16. Dynamite
17. Knife (while on fire, Hunger Games-style)

Games last about 20 minutes. When a round is over (someone gets a knife kill), the round ends, the players are given a 15-second break (to punch/kick each other to death), then then game restarts and respawns all players without resetting the score.

So, rather than the traditional one-game-per-map, this gives you about 20 minutes to play as many games as possible while maintaining your score (which is still based on points earned per kill). It's fun, it's frustrating, I've already won one time.

Check it out!

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I can't find any gun game servers. What tags should I be looking for?


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Depot map is now official, so no download necessary

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pump shotty, coach gun, dynamite etc models don't load... walkers, and default spawn weapons are fine.
whats happening???

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work for me..i use dynamite like it's hotcake

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