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EDIT: I didn't post this to talk about Frozen guys (ok, maybe a little), but more to discuss the overall topic of Feminism as represented in media.

Ok, so I don't know if this is the wrong forum, so, here we go.

I was browsing the internet for a while and googled "Frozen" just for the hell of it. I then found a Time article, which mentioned "7 reasons frozen dominates your life" (or something like that), which contained a section in the last reason talking about the debate over whether or not the feminist themes in the movie are worth celebrating.

Now, since I first watched the movie ~1.5 months ago, I've held the opinion that the portrayal of the MALE characters in comparison to the FEMALE characters was slightly sexist. As honest trailers puts it "it teaches girls everywhere, they don't need a prince to rescue them, because every guy is a disgusting loner, greedy murderer, and lying power-hungry sociopath" (also, Wandering Oaken was somewhat of a simpleton, but that's excusable). I do feel that the characterization (or lack of it) was largely responsible for this, and the film could have benefited from a slightly longer run-time.

Anyway, back to the original topic. When I saw these links, I decided to check them out and see if other people shared similar views. I ended up reading (in full) this article, which is basically an in-depth breakdown of why Frozen shouldn't be hailed as a feminist beacon.

Anyway, I'm kind of tired right now, but the points seem well-written and defended logically, so I ask you. Do you think that feminism can be inserted into situations it doesn't fit just to profit? Do you think that people grasp at straws just to make themselves appear better than others? (another point on this, wandering oaken is seen as homosexual because of the view of his family including one large male three definite children, and one petite character who may or may not be his wife) Is media really the beacon of hope we all think it is?

This is Darth Caedus, your friendly neighborhood lurker, and I'll be back tomorrow to hear your thoughts and formulate my own.

~~~Darth Caedus

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