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"Its time."
"Are you sure we're ready for this?"
"Of course we are. Nothing can stop us. The weapon will destroy all."
"If you say so."
"Initiating plan Zeta now."
"Its begun."
"Lets hope you're right about this."
Hello, and welcome to Hypersuits, a forum game about customizable mechs, tough tournaments, and destroying the hacker threat known as Zalenark. You will duel and fight in tourneys to earn cash, use cash to upgrade your mech, and use your mech to
fight the good fight. Here is the char sheet:

Name: (fill in)
Bio: (fill in)
Rank: N/A
Current mech: SMN00
Mechs in garage: Null
Parts CM (current mech):
Head: BMH23 (Low arm, med processing, med weight)
Head chips (1): Null
Generator: BMG12, (med output, low capacity, med weight)
Radar: BMR01, (low range, low cost)
Chest: BMC18, (Med arm, med wieght)
Chest chips (1): null
Arms: BMA06 (low arm, med stab, med wieght)
Arm chips (1): null
R weapon: (Right and left are interchangeable), (choose 1: AR01 [Assault Rifle], LMG01 [light machine gun], S01 [sniper], LZ [lazer])
R weapon chips (LMG 1, AR 2, S 3, LZ 3): null
L weapon: (Choose one: ESW01 (Eng sword), ESH01 (eng shield))
L weapon chips (1): null
R hanger weapon: P02 (Med weight, Low dmg, Med RoF, 8 clip size, Med acc)
R hanger weapon chips (0): null
L hanger weapon: P02
L hanger weapon chips (0): null
Legs: BML15 (low weight, med speed, two legged, med arm, Med support)
Leg chips (1): null
Feet (2): BMF01 (Med arm, Low trac, Med weight, High support)
Foot chips (1): null
Extra armor:
Total stats:
HP: 500/500
Shield: 50/50
Weight: 500/2000
Energy: 200/200 (+10)
Speed: 20
Parts damaged: null
Parts broken: null
Cash: $1000
Extra parts: (1 dmg, rng, RoF, or Acc chip), 1 armor chip, 1 shield chip, 1 anti grav chip.
Tourneys won: none (100%)
Partners: none
Sponsors: none
Hideouts found: none

Wow. Thats a lot of text. Everything in parenthesis has to go if you are told to do something. If its just a number or desc it stays. Please do not try to cheat me! I will check every char sheet! There is no shop currently, as I'm aching to get this out! I will handle questions, R2D21999 will do half of everything after. To start off, you may join a tourney or a duel. Story comes after you've learned the game. Combat is Real Time, not pokemon time. Your speed divided by your opponents speed=the amount of turns you get. If two people have the same speed, I flip a digital coin at

1. Do not say "I do this then that". Say "I do this then that if this works"
2. No customizing mid battle.
3. Do not tamper with your char sheet unless told you are able.
4. All IC posts must contain and be seperated from char sheet, as I post from mobile the majority of the time.
5. Do not complain or worry about spelling. I can make it out most of the time.
6. Do not be disrespectful.
7. Have fun!

I don't think I'm missing anything, so lets blow this popsicle stand!

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