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It is said an Opinion is one that is not based on a fact such as things that will happen in the future because they can't be proven.
Is it not an Opinion that in two minutes someone or something could...

1. Bench-press 100000000000000000000000000 pounds.
2. Survive with a 200 temperature.
3. Exist of a plane with zero thickness.
4. Unburn a piece of firewood.
5. Travel at a negative speed.
6. Have a negative mass.
7. Survive with no blood at all in your body.
8. Two objects occupying the same space at the same time.
9. Hold have held their breath for 46 years.
10. Run 46000 miles per hour.
11. Find the largest number.
12. Survive for 19 years without water.
13. Make a sound in space.
14. Spell the word "extraneous" correctly without using the letter x.
15. Speak any letter of the Alphabet with your lips closed.
16. Freefall from space and survive.
17. Never eat anything and survive.
18. Touch the sun without anything heat protective on and survive.
19. Physically touch someone or something on the opposite side of the Earth.

I'm trying to ask and discuss if these things are opinions or not.

My definition of fact: Something that can be proven right or wrong. (In teacher's notebooks for teaching in many places.)

My definition of opinion: Something that is subjective.

Other things that are weirdly proven fact or opinion using these rules.

Is it a fact that a cat has 5 legs? (By this definition it is a fact)
Does God exist (By this definition it is opinion)
But for some people, God is fact.

Also, something has to be fact or opinion. I don't think there is anything that isn't fact or opinion. If there is something you can think of then plug it in with my definition of fact and opinion and if it can fit then you don't have to ask or tell me.
One definition of fact is something that is 100% right. I'm using the definition proper for Deciding if something is fact or opinion.

Please help me decide whether this is true. Mainly the list of things.
If you disagree with things please be nice.

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