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Edgebee Dead

Posted May 23, '14 at 2:21am



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Edgebee is a dead company, they've moved on (Kongregate forum post)

The above puts it better than I could but the bottom line is Edgebee is a shell now. Said games from them probably will not get much in the way of updates or support. Heck servers will probably be pulled the moment they stop making enough cash from them.

One of the Co-Founders went and made his own company called CloudCade with some of the employees from the first one it sounds like. Also seems like they will be making a game based around Swords and Potions since he seemed to take the rights with him.

Wasn't sure if this was mentioned or said, along with not knowing where to put this. Seemed News worthy enough so here.

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Posted May 23, '14 at 3:30am



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That's really sad news... =(

(I've fixed the link for you...)


Posted May 23, '14 at 11:43am



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Sad news indeed. I almost didn't believe it, until I saw THIS POST.

With the fall of Edgebee and the rise of CloudCade, I can only expect big things from the newly created company, hopefully they will keep the wagon going longer then the previous endeavor.


Posted May 23, '14 at 1:48pm



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@MrDayCee; Oh thank you. First time I've used a link here so thank you for that.

Only thing I expect from CloudCade is making a better version of their cash cow, Swords and Potions. That's not to say it's bad, Second one was pretty interesting to play. But I do not expect say Sorcery Quest or Critter Forge to see new versions. Card Monsters maybe but I'm unsure if they took all the rights and not just Swords and Potions.


Posted May 23, '14 at 2:34pm



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We're inquiring about this. It's always sad when a game starts to shut down, though we know it all eventually happens with every game. Well, except World of Warcraft maybe.

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