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This stems from BFR's post on facts. On pages 4 and 5 it branched off into nihilism and existence. I am calling into question the concepts from "Inception," since they make some rather interesting suggestions, as well. Regardless of whether you liked the movie, or whether it made sense, it references some very unique and complicated theories.

Are we in a real world, is this a dream, or does it not exist at all? Does the phrase "I think, therefore I am" apply, or is it incorrect because I don't realize I'm not actually thinking? What if death is merely a literal awakening into the real world, if there is one?

True, you could pass this off immediately, but it merits at least a little discussion. I personally consider it all ridiculous and untrue, but I find the concept rather interesting. I may argue in favor or against nihilism and the possibility of an existence in a "dream-state," depending on the way the arguments flow.

So: Is reality real?

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