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Gemcraft CS: New Wizard F Hextile Challenge.

Posted Jun 5, '14 at 2:29am



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so you win prize = fame. Or...idk. more of a personal challenge. That I got bored of lol. Anyway, congratz.


Posted Jun 5, '14 at 10:48am



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i am so honoured by this award.......i just dont have the words........i need to thank everyone in my life i ever met............

yeah i got bored too.......once it became i work i lost interest lol

having more fun now just completely the game on haunting........will go back and forth between that and going for high level experience


Posted Jun 21, '14 at 1:24pm



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OK, too late, as always... WL 62 and 114 achievemts @ f_hextile
Why does this pic not appear? Here's the link:

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Posted Jun 21, '14 at 1:32pm



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Why does this pic not appear?

Use the direct link. It's the second one in the list if you have an account.
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