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Remaking from my old thread, which got pushed down, down, down. Lolz.


Challenge Rules-

F hextile ONLY. Maximum fields you can beat: 6
Highest Level Wins.

End time: Sometime on June 5th(the first time I log on on that day is the ending)

Keep pushing even more, even past that time and please post tons of pics. I love pics!

~About Premium~

Chain Skill - Not that OP, trust me. Reaching level 41(I'm now starting anew), I rarely used it, my main focus was on poison gems. Only on non-poison fields did I use my chain advantage.

Orblets - Quite op, managain nerfed, but the xp boost.....well, nonpremium pros will still get very far w/o it, I have faith in you guys

30 skillpoints - 4.28 levels or 210 mana. Not too much in the grand scheme of things, only a minor boost in the start for the first xp run(at ~lvl10).

~Good Luck, All!~

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