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Ideal Parties

Posted May 31, '14 at 12:56am



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What is your ideal party? What do you want in a party that would be so cool? Do you want cake, ice cream, pizza? What seems like an ideal party that you would most definitely participate in a heartbeat?

For me it would be a party with everything being fried chicken. I mean it would be just amazing to have a cake made of chicken. Also a table made of chicken, utensils made of chicken, even the floor would all be chicken. Also there would be a torture chamber made of chicken.

I have a problem if you can't tell.


Posted May 31, '14 at 2:12am



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Yes I can see that you are addicted to chicken, especially KFC.


Posted May 31, '14 at 2:36am



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Pfft, KFC, R2? Way to be mainstream. Chick-fil-A or bust.

As for my ideal party, centre-left liberalism is good, although syncretics interest me. The Obama administration is meh. ;D


Posted May 31, '14 at 6:57am



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Do you want cake, ice cream, pizza?

Cake, ice cream, and pizza are the essentials for every party I throw. I should probably also mention that every party I throw these days is a birthday party for my kids, the older of the two being 8.

I wouldn't dare try to replace pizza with fried chicken at one of these parties. 10 kids eating chicken off the bone means a lot of chicken bones scattered around the property for dad to clean up.
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