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We know there are awesome forums out there, but out of all I have seen, Armor Games is one of the best. It's not just the games they feature, and how nice the interface looks, but the community is the most awesome it could be. I've seen posts by the most awesome people here, like @MattEmAngel, @R2D21999. @Riptizoid101, @StormWalker, @Snag618, @FishPreferred and many more. All of the guys listed here are very funny, enthusiastic, and have a very reasonable thinking. And when you go to the Mods and Admins, you see a bunch of people(actually talking animals mostly) doing their job and still enjoying the community. @Gantic, @MrDayCee, @Ferret and the others are the best staff I've seen in any forum. And the knights, like @nichodemus, @UnleashedUponMankind and the others help out a lot of people, making the community more welcome and more enjoyable. Thank you guys! You are the best community ever! =)


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