Coincidence or On Purpose??

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I was just playing some games and I notices that every good game doesn't have quests(Decision,Strike Force Heroes,Infectonator,Infectonator:World Domination,etc.),but bad games have quests(OFFS3T game,Tinysasters,Gemcraft,Colony Defenders TD,etc)

Is it Coincidence or On Purpose???
BTW How ON EARTH is Gemcraft second on Popular games list??

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Hey I think those bad games you mentioned are great!

Decision 2 and Decision Medieval both have quests, Colony Defenders TD 2 has quests, Strike force heroes 2 has quests and Infectonator 2 has quests. Sometimes once one game in the series has quests, the others won't have any, but they are still great and they could in the future!

Check this page for games with quests: There are lots of great games with quests!

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The quest system is not brand-new, but still fairly new, so it would be hard to implement quests for all (or even some) of the older games.
Afaik the developers have to do some extra-work for quests, AG hand out a lil program that give the games access to AGs online-servive and some other things, and its necessary for quests, without this lil add --> no quests.
Sure, AG can ask the devs to implement this program/quests, but its still up to them.

About "good" or "bad":
you dont like Tinysasters? Well, thats, ok, but some others like it...
you like SFH? Well, thats also ok, but some others dont like it...

So "good" or "bad" is only a matter of taste.


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I think the others pretty much summed it all up regarding your question here... =)

And I took the liberty of editing your post a little. Now it is easier to understand what you meant.

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