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[Answered] Flash not working anymore

Posted Jun 5, '14 at 1:10pm



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Since the last update of chrome/chromium (V34), Adobe Flash is not working anymore. You can't install flash in the browser, because it's not standard, and you have to use HTML5 instead. With Firefox it's going to be the same at the end of the year. Is there something planned in armorgames so the people can continue playing the games?

In Linux it has been blocked now, and in Windows it will be blocked after the summer.


Posted Jun 6, '14 at 7:24pm



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@puri111 Currently the latest version of Flash isn't available for most Linux users, though I have heard of limited success through chromium. As for windows, we've heard nothing about what you mentioned and it will continue to be supported.

Sorry we can't be much help with Linux!

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