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Posted Jun 6, '14 at 11:27pm



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I am not exactly a newcomer, I made the account in 2011, but haven't really used it until now. I still thought it would be a good idea to say hello to everyone.

P.S. Does anyone know how to change a username?


Posted Jun 6, '14 at 11:46pm



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Welcome to ArmorGames! To change you username you must eat one of my poisonous cookies. You could also get 200 quests and then go to @Ferret to change your username, but I think eating my cookies is easier.


Posted Jun 6, '14 at 11:56pm



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200 quests seems like it will take a while. Anyway, thanks for the reply and the welcome!


Posted Jun 7, '14 at 1:13am



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Welcome to ArmorGames killall_guest9557 ! Beware, wear your Armors before playing Games. Between, we will eat your soul. No, I mean we will let you eat cookies !


Posted Jun 7, '14 at 6:35am



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Don't eat those cookies there laced with poison! Also welcome!


Posted Jun 7, '14 at 1:44pm



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JACK is serious!
The cookies ARE poisonous! Thank God i never had one!

But thats is your introduction to this crazy, funny, paranoid world on a website that you can talk to people that you dont even know that is called ArmorGames!


Posted Jun 7, '14 at 5:53pm



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why are you so late?

Username change... as R2 still mentioned 200 quests will do it, besides this you have two other options:

- delete you current acconut and create a new one (this will mean you loose everything, game progress, saved games, etc).

- make a second acconut (called alternate (short alt) account), you have to follow special rules for this alternate account, let me quote @Freakenstein:

Some people have alternate accounts for clans/faction members and such. You are allowed to have an alternate account on that basis, but there are two things we'd love for you to do as conditions:

1. You have to link your alternate account on your profile page showing us what your 2nd account is.

2. Only your main account is allowed to post on the forums and comments. You can of course play flash games using your alternate account if you're doing faction teams and such, and there may be times where faction members would love to comment on one profile for faction meetings, but this is where I myself would draw the line in regards to alternate account activities.

You can maybe use your new account as your main and this "old" one as the alt if a mod allows it, just ask one of the mods (Freakenstein for exmaple...^^) for permission.

Posted Jun 8, '14 at 7:50pm



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Welcome to this part of the site. If you haven't used your account since 2011, you can always just make a new one if you don't have too many things saved already on this one. It might be easier than earning 199 more quests.


Posted Jun 9, '14 at 1:39pm



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Welcome! I can verify, 200 Quests.


Posted Jun 11, '14 at 11:18am



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