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A New Story

Posted Jun 10, '14 at 9:22pm



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The story that I will post will be incomplete. Please fill in the remainder of the story, and I will choose the best story entry. Here goes!

I find myself lying on the floor. The previous night's party has left me with a hangover. I struggle to get up from off the floor. Trash is strewn everywhere I look. On the floor, on the table, and on the couch. 'All this mess,' I think to myself, 'is just too much!'

I waddle towards the bathroom, where I peer into the mirror. My hair is messed up, and there is blood all over my face. 'Wait a second,' I say. 'There's blood all over me?'

Frantic, I check myself all over for any possible wounds. There is none. Slightly relieved, I clean myself up. I walk towards my room and change clothes.

As I pick up the styrofoam cups littered across the floor, I struggle to recollect the previous night's memories. I press my mind to at least, try to remember. For some reason, I can't.

'It was only last night!' I say to myself. 'What happened to me? Was I drunk or something?'

Suddenly, there is a knock on my front door. There are two police officers standing at my doorstep.

"Allan Lindo, you are under arrest for the murder of Zack Pedersky."


Posted Jun 11, '14 at 3:36pm



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Please tell me what you think of it! Opinions are appreciated!


Posted Jun 13, '14 at 4:42am



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I,lost in my dreams inside the car,soon remember an important memory.

`It has been calculated that you are indeed a sleepwalker.
Please take two pills every six hours or after a warm bath.

I climb to the barred window,somewhat dizzy,and exclaim,`I was sleepwalking!I murdered my own friend on the second floor in my sleep!Please believe me!!!`

The police officer then turns the car around and pulls over at the hotel.
`Hah!I made you say your secret!I`m no officer,I`m Zack!`

`Aw,man!Here`s the thirty bucks,as promised,my sneaky amigo!`

And that`s how I lost the bet from a month ago.

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