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What's with MMOs and Violence these days?

Posted Jun 11, '14 at 12:11am



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Let's face it.

Do they not have/want creativity in the genre? Do they think that making an MMO or MMORPG containing violence in a different delivery, (i.e.: Matching blocks in a row to send junk to your opponent.) or just straight-up not having violence at all is illegal???
Why Not MMO Puzzle Games? MMO Board Games? I would even Play an MMO Called, Shitting with Friends if I had no choice for any variety.

I have anything to say or show me, put it in the comments below. > .

(Edit: Imagine, Mario Party MMO... Anyone who would back an MMO party game should be like, The richest people on earth! But people apparently, they say they're too busy: Murdering their friends, Taking down virtual Police, Taking over In-game worlds, and list goes on and on... There are plenty of other genres to mash with Online Play.)

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Posted Jun 15, '14 at 10:40am



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I'm curious by what you mean by 'these days'. I'm not exactly new to the MMO department and quite frankly I can't remember any non-violent MMO. What MMO games are you referring to that weren't violent back in those days?


Posted Jun 19, '14 at 7:38pm



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o.O video games and violence, here we go again only this time the topic creator is singling out MMOs rather than video games in general when have MMOs, like video games in gneral, not been violent to varying degrees? its a pretty pointless thing to fuss about really.


Posted Jul 7, '14 at 6:25pm



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MassivlyOnlineMultyplayer (forgive my spelling)
there is no tetris mmo and if your tired of it go play pac man or pony sim 2014

P.S Im sure you already play the last game you mentioned


Posted Jul 7, '14 at 9:09pm



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Combat games are 'easy'. What I mean is, combat/violence provide engagement. Having to fight something provides conflict and danger which usually gets our attention. Danger gets the blood pumping, conflict gives us goals. Even if the goal is simple, it's a clear "Beat this thing" to move on.

Another reason is that a lot of companies/games are trying to be hard boiled, gritty, and dark. Grim and bloody. Over the top violence is supposed to be the 'highest' sellers and supposed to be 'mature' just due to being bloody.

This applies to all games, not just MMOs. However, due to MMOs especially the 'by the book' facebook/browser games that we see more often on this site(and in general), it's better to 'play it safe'. Go down the list of what will probably get you just enough cash to either support the game or make back more than what you put into the game before killing it. That's why we have so many clones of farmville for example or even here where we have 4 games with the same game but different themes.

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