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Can anyone please give me instructions on how to build a decent low level manafarm? I am currently level 90 and all the manafarm guides seem to presume your level is at least 5000.

I have the Magician's Pouch. Haven't unlocked Bloodbound, Critical Hit and Suppressing Gems yet. Q6 and R1 are the furthest fields I've opened and not yet conquered.

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I understand that it is a matter of perspective. I also never said that anyone was slighting anyone or being mean or purposely harmful. I only bring up the issue because of one major problem that keeps happening in the forums. Low level players ask for help and are almost uniformly given terrible advice for their level.

This advice either suggests physically impossible actions or actions which will end up being detrimental to the player. I have been trying to bring this up repeatedly because I was given much of the same advice, and kept discovering that the information provided was wrong. I have seen many players get frustrated and quit because they are told to read the "low-level guide" which is geared towards players between levels 200 and 1000. This guide was even posted as a response in this thread, even though it is totally incorrect and inappropriate given the player's level.

Examples of serious problems:
-You can't use yellow all the time when its not available at your level.
-You cannot mana farm when your freeze isn't long enough/fast enough or when the gems are too low grade to provide anything useful.
-You don't have grade 30 gems
-You can't tell low level players that blue is useless when it is the fastest, most damaging gem that you have for a long time before you get yellow.
-You can't tell players that purple or green are useless at low levels.
-The values posted for angering waves are completely wrong for anyone at lower levels and end up making you spend more mana than you get back.

There are many other examples of this. I made my comments because I was trying to help the player avoid the serious pitfalls of the posted guides. Given that at least 80% of players that call themselves low-level are much lower level than the guides account for, I have been trying to engender a change in the discussion to actually start helping these players instead of providing imbalanced information.

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