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Looking for pokemon games

Posted Jun 19, '14 at 8:22am



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Dear guys, I am looking for some pokemon games. Can any one suggest me some flash games that I can play. Do you have some pokemon arcade collection>


Posted Jun 19, '14 at 9:20am



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I dont play Pokemon so i can only throw in something where other users say "like pokemon"... Min Hero... if it isnt, dont slap me^^


Posted Jun 19, '14 at 10:53am



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The MMO Mystic Guardians is basically a Pokemon clone.


Posted Jun 21, '14 at 1:37pm



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Mystic guardians is a game similar to pokemon,but only 4 guardains slots,and Trainer tokens,Trainer tokens are needed to get past after a certain point,so you might want to make sure you got the time or got some money to spend,it also includes PVP and guilds,PVP is self explanatory,and guilds i dont know since i am not in one.

Min Hero Tower of sages could also be considered a pokemon like game,but in battle you have all your minions out at the same time,it is a bit like pokemon,but Mystic guardians is more like it,but give Min Hero Tower of sages a try too!

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