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Oh, my sweet summer child...what do you know of peace? This is not peace but a cessation of war. But if you're a diligent little larva and learn well, perhaps you may live to see peace. For one day, as the oldest among us say, a great ruler will come to the Swamp of Salamanders unlike any we have ever seen before. She will be fire when winter's chill comes calling, ice when the sun's rays boil our waters. And when she comes, the people will bow before her and the Legion shall heed her and drive the alligators back where grumkins and snarks belong. She knows no other name but the Salamander Empress, and she will be our salvation.

That just now? That was my roleplay introduction! Or, rather, what someone else's character said at one point about mine in a roleplay about swamp animals under the tyrannical rule of a bunch of gators, including but not limited to Roman salamanders, Greek newts, what seemed like Chinese herons to me and Renaissance-French frogs. You would have been perfectly free to disregard that whole thing if you wanted to, actually - I'm just playing to my mild roleplay-bound megalomania.
Yep, I'm a very avid RPer. In fact, you'll find me haunting Quotev's chats more often than not - I only made this account to hunt MMOs with a friend, though of course that'll change eventually..~
I'm fond of video games, knitting and inside jokes - I've got a half-finished scarf floating around in my closet somewhere. Somewhere. Probably with the evil alligators.

This has been the derpiest introductory post ever. Have a very nice day and please remember to continue keeping all your limbs within the constraints of your consciousness as you exit the Salamandercoaster. Thank you. c:

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