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So, today was the first stage of the world's greatest bicycle race. This thread is for discussing the tour as it progresses. I'd like to know who you think:

1. Will win the Tour.
2. Will win the Green Jersey.
3. Will win the King of the Mountains.
4. Will get caught doping.

I think:
1. With the only time trial an individual one after the mountain stages, and more stages spent in the hills, the odds look to be swung in the favour of Contador or Valverde, rather than Froome, the defending champion.
2. Cavendish would be the main contender, but he dislocated his shoulder today, so could be out of the running. That leaves Sagan, Greipel, and Kittel, who all have their individual strengths, but I think Sagan's superior tactics might clinch it.
3. No clue. This is often one of the more open competitions, in my opinion.
4. Whoever you least expect.

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