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Crystal Story ll (2) - Do you still play it?

Posted Jul 7, '14 at 5:11pm



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So I decided to tackle one of my favorite games... The Crystal Story series (1,2). But this is about the sequel of course.

Do you still play it?

I did play the unpatched version (Release Day).

Anywho I've been wondering how the community built their characters. As of now I have Slayer Guardian Build (D the Main Character), Thief Trickster (Lina), Elementalist/Healer (Mari), and Slayer Thief (Kaz).

I am aware that you can learn nearly everything however that is about Post game dungeon and etc.

I am still quite early in the game yet. I figured I would take a break from Gemcraft for a few days.


Posted Jul 7, '14 at 8:32pm



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i do
what i love it


Posted Jul 7, '14 at 9:58pm



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The game is fun but gets a bit repetitive after a while.

I don't remember the names of the classes but I built my characters like this:
D - balanced attack and speed
Lina - speed, debuff
Mari - all out magic
Kaz - all out attack


Posted Jul 10, '14 at 4:41pm



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Just got the Giant Achievement (in-game) for beating the boss at Giant Lands (Post Game Area).

108000 HP
Dealing 1550 (Basic Attack) 2500-3200 (Skill damage)
Was killing me instantly (My HP Bars were 1375 (Mari), 1723 (D), 1625 (Lina), and 2193 (KaZ)

I was actually stunning him like crazy. I got more stuns in on the boss.. and was stunning him more often while he was stunned.

So since I was going to die in one hit I didn't bother much with healing nor buffing. Constant stunning with Kaz and D and Lina unloaded Grenades on him (Grenades and Rockets), and Mari was dealing 4000-4200 per Earth lll Hit.

The only buffs I used throughout the fight were Quicken All, Magic Up, and Attack Up All

Also for some reason the boss made no effort to use any of his AOE attacks which I was sorta banking on near the end. Why? I figured I would of gotten cheap'ed on the last 20000 HP. Thankfully he never used any of them whenever he got a turn.

D had Attack Up, Regen, Haste, and Defense Up from Items
Lina had Haste
Kaz had Attack Up
Mari Had Magic Up, and Spirit Up.

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