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Awful noise...

Posted Jul 8, '14 at 4:57pm



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The piercing clash of the swords that happens during the animated logo for Armor Games is obnoxiously loud for no reason. I keep my volume set at a low-medium level, but it always feels like those two swords are being stabbed into my ear drums.

That is all.


Posted Jul 8, '14 at 5:16pm



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What level is your volume set to? If it's as low as I think then you shouldn't be having a problem.

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Posted Jul 10, '14 at 12:34am



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someway somehow it has to be a problem on your end, mess around with your volume mixer, because if your volume is low it shouldnt be a problem. [even with mine kinda high the swords clashing isn't annoying in any way]

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