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It's time for a DEATH BATTLE

Posted Jul 10, '14 at 9:27am



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you all know (or should know) the popular youtube series. It pits two characters of pop culture against each other in a fight to the death to see who would win. I want to bring the power to you.
Now I don't have any math skills, so I can't do any of those crazy equations you see on the show, but what we do have is an open forum where we can debate and argue about it.
I'll run a voting type deal were everyone can cast a vote as the winner, perhaps, if this idea takes off.

The first competitors will be

Frodo Baggins of the Shire
from the Lord of the Rings. He's the guy who simply walked into Mordor and destroyed the ring of power that prevented Sauron from treating the world like his own personal blow- up doll.


Tyrion Lannister
From Game of Thrones. Tyrion is a bad a** dwarf of the powerful (and very rich) Lannister family, who just gets more awesome by the episode. (or the book if you're a nerd.)

The combatants are set, the stage is ready, which of these two little guys will come out on top? That, is up to you, AG.

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Posted Jul 10, '14 at 10:25am



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Erm... This is pointless, isn't it? Tyrion is more skilled in every way. Better fighter, more intelligent, better access to equipment.


Posted Jul 10, '14 at 12:58pm



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I agree. Frodo has almost no fighting skill, or much of anything, besides the ability to rely on other people to help him and fall down when he's running away from enemies. High endurance and a magic ring. Hardly a fair fight, since he could still win just by putting the ring on and stabbing Tyrion in the back.


Posted Jul 10, '14 at 6:43pm



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Despite being related to the guy who invented Golf, Frodo never shows a lick of fighting ability in the trilogy.

Sam, Merry, and Pippin however . . .

Tyrion did (early spoilers) get comically knocked out at the first battle of the whole Stark-Lannister conflict, but apparently in the books he proved much more capable (I have not seen beyond season 1 yet).

~~~Darth Caedus


Posted Jul 12, '14 at 12:49am



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Without the math and research this is more of an Outskirts Battle Dome or comicvine thread than a Death Battle. Having joined Screwattack before the Superman vs Goku fight came out, and being in the heat of the fanboy flame war that raged before and after the fight, I've spent a lot of time scouring both for feats on various characters.

That said, the invisibility of the ring would be a defining factor in this fight since Tyrion can't kill what he can't see. As a consolation prize for being the better fighter, Tyrion gets to slap Joffrey for 10 minutes.


Posted Jul 12, '14 at 3:08am



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Also, for the record...

He's the guy who simply walked into Mordor

He was carried paralyzed into Mordor by goblins.

and destroyed the ring of power

He tried to keep the ring, then accidentally knocked it into the fire.

So, yeah. Still not much of a case for Frodo.
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