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Raze 3 thoughts?

Posted Jul 26, '14 at 10:36pm



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Why is everyone saying it's laggy? I don't get any lag at all, and I play on a really old computer on internet explorer (which I've heard isn't the best for gaming). The only issues I have are that 1.Some of the weapons have very inaccurate descriptions (Which I'm assuming are because they are switched with other guns by accident), 2.Many gun upgrades are just terrible, such as memory foam. 3.In quick matches, enemies have OP premium weapons that I don't have, such as fishbones, and it really unbalances the gameplay. But no lag issues.


Posted Aug 13, '14 at 6:17pm



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the human last misson is so hard make it more easy and fix the lag


Posted Oct 11, '14 at 10:28am



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For me Raze 3 lagged only as I played on Notdoppler and I play on Firefox 0o.

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