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Why do we keep getting BAD MMO's?

Posted Jul 22, '14 at 6:27pm



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No reason not to accept it indeed. Cool I get to tell my friends that armor games has complete trash for games now, pay to win MMOs, and hosts wanna be porn/rip off games.

But hey, AG gets payed in the end so.


Posted Jul 22, '14 at 10:07pm



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I heard that AG might be getting WoW and that Star Wars MMO =oooooooooooo


Posted Aug 16, '14 at 10:11pm



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I kinda doubt they'll be getting either as actual AG games, pangtongshu. I know I've seen SW: The Old Republic under the promoted games category but that looks more like an external site game that pays AG to promote the game and send players their way.

Ultimately AG needs an income source. If they're going to keep offering games folks can play for free, they need to make money. The AG store gives a source of income, but I doubt it's enough income to keep the site free to play. And even though there are games on here that ask you to pay to get the better items (MMOs), their developers aren't being greedy by having a free play and asking you to pay for the better items. That's old school shareware/freeware type thing to me. I can remember being able to go out and buy "Commander Keen," "Pharoah's Tomb," "Duke Nukem," etc. back in the late '80s and early '90s and the developer's encouraged you to share the first episode with your friends, but then you each were supposed to pay for the next three episodes in order to finish the game. That's really where they made their money to keep their company going was the non-shareware episodes. And that's what's going on with these games, the companies will go out of business if they make everything for free. And by making them free at the basic level without setting a time limit on that free play makes for good advertising.


Posted Jul 14, '15 at 11:40am



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Dirk i agree i like most mmos but about 1/5 of AG's mmo are the same type and suck and another 1/9 are crappier than crap.

note this is just my opionin.

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